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Dating Industry Consultant & Relationship Coach, | Host of Dateworking Podcast

It’s hard to overstate how much relationships have changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Someone just reached out to me in a panic because his girlfriend is now quarantining over 8,000 miles away from him, with no return date in sight. He asked for some insight into how to…

Below, you’ll find dozens of heartfelt questions, handwritten on sticky notes, that I’ve managed to snag at the end of each of the monthly Hygge NYC friendship-making gatherings I’ve hosted over the last 5 years. …

There’s always a lot of buzz around cooking at home right now.

Obviously you get all the good smells, the tastes, the satisfaction of making/following recipes, and of course, the mountains of #foodporn to post all over your instagram later.

But today, I want to celebrate washing those dishes you…

This is the transcript from a casual Facebook interview
conducted by one curious woman with her new friend, a dating consultant in New York City.
Her commentary is in bold.

So first, do you think love is a game?

A game?
I think love is pure science.
Most of its fundamental components are predictable and actionable.
You can manipulate it…

👋 Steve Dean here, your friendly online dating consultant and editor-in-chief of Dating Meets Data.

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Pictured: three dating coaches — Cora Boyd, Max Alley, Steve Dean. Photo by Atticus Maloney


In my last 8 years of dating regularly across 25 cities and consulting for dating companies, service providers, and online daters of all stripes, I’ve been developing increasingly strong opinions about what the dating industry needs.

But before you go building the next best dating app, please realize:

  1. It’s…

I’ve been a dating consultant for over 8 years, and it just so happens that two of the most common things that I hear people complain about are also two of the most difficult problems for the dating industry to solve.

In our modern swipe-happy culture, it’s fairly easy to…

The next time you think your partner is cheating — before you suddenly begin disparaging their character, feeling insecure about yourself, or blaming any number of unseen “others” who you may believe are suddenly threats to you and your relationship — I want you to take a deep breath and…

Thank you Samsung for a $2000 folding multitask phone so we can now drive ourselves ever closer to the brink of dating dementia.

As an online dating consultant, I get asked by reporters sometimes how new tech trends will impact online and offline dating. Surely, a new $2000 folding phone…

source: rawpixel on Unsplash (edits mine)

I’ve been thinking a lot about attention.

It’s one of the most finite and unscalable resources we have. During any given second, we have the option of attending to various things in our vicinity, but every time we change what we attend to, we incur a cost.

By the time…

Steve Dean

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